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Merging Local & International Experience

icon1MGD established its international brand, UK company, 4bridge, in 2014 to continue building upon proven success in combining local knowledge with international expertise.

4bridge’s focus is on acquiring international talent and contracting with international businesses and organizations.

MGD and 4bridge have been working closely together as MGD-4bridge to localize, introduce, and consult on innovative education approaches, programs, products, and systems guided by MGD’s deep and broad expertise in the Saudi market.


A Shared Vision of Improving Life & Employment Skills Education

MGD-4bridge is committed to serving as a link to a brighter future.

By combining MGD’s original mission of providing effective education with 4bridge’s mission of building 21st Century skills for success, MGD-4bridge’s  focus is on developing solutions for overcoming local challenges related to improving opportunities for the development of life and employment skills for kids, youth, and families by blending a deep knowledge of local needs with international experience and best practices.

Consulting Services for a Wide Range of Stakeholders

MGD-4bridge offers consulting services for organizations and institutions and customized programming for K-12, vocational, and higher education students, teachers, parents, and schools that supports the development of essential life and employment skills for the 21st Century.


Snapshot of Experience

> 13,000

teachers trained and mentored

> 60 projects

related to development and consultation for the Ministry of Education

> 40 projects

related to development and consultation for local education authorities

> 15 years

delivering effective consultation services and solutions for education in the Saudi market and beyond

> 2000

curriculum hours developed and implemented

> 5 Million

students directly impacted

What Sets Us Apart

  • Deep experience in localization and optimization for the needs of local education systems in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries to help international companies enter the market confidently, and to help existing organizations and institutions function effectively
  • Diverse international team brings a blend of contemporary expertise and perspectives to the process of facilitating communication and collaboration between international companies and the local educational shareholders they want to reach
  • Objectives in alignment with vital initiatives like Vision 2030 the National Transformation Program 2020 and priorities that create impact in the education, labor, and employment sectors

Alignment with Vision 2030 and the National Transfomation Program 2020

As current initiatives herald an exciting time of change in Saudi Arabia, we are ready to apply our experience and expertise across a number of sectors.

In particular, MGD-4bridge is equipped to contribute to the goal of “translating strategic objectives into initiatives” in the following areas set forth by the National Transformation Program 2020:

Ministry of Education:

  • Strategic Objective (1) Provide education services for all student levels
  • Strategic Objective (2) Improve recruitment, training, and development of teachers
  • Strategic Objective (3) Improve the learning environment to stimulate creativity and innovation
  • Strategic Objective (4) Improve curricula and teaching methods
  • Strategic Objective (5) Improve students’ values and core skills
  • Strategic Objective (6) Enhance the educational system’s capability to address national development requirements and to meet labor market demands
  • Strategic Objective (8) Increase private sector participation in the education sector

Ministry of Commerce and Investment:

  • Strategic Objective (3) Increase the culture of entrepreneurship

Ministry of Labor and Social Development:

  • Strategic Objective (10) Raise Saudis’ skills levels to match labor market needs


Melanie LaForce

Melanie LaForce

  • STEM Education Implementation Expert
  • Currently serves as Associate Director and Lead Researcher for Outlier Center at top-ranking University of Chicago
  • Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University
  • Has published numerous studies on STEM Education Implementation, including the STEM School Study (S3)
Natasha Byars

Natasha Byars

  • Child development specialist with clinical and teaching experience
  • Currently directs community mental health program at Harvard University in the US
  • Developed research-based Social Emotional Learning framework and curriculum for students in Saudi Arabia
Nicole Lum

Nicole Lum

  • Practical STEM Education expert
  • Currently teaches science at top-ranked private Chicago secondary school
  • Research focused on cultural studies and education policy
  • Founded GSTEM Club to expose, educate, and connect high school girls to female professionals within the STEM field
Kilaiel Bin Hamdan Alghamdi

Kolaiel Bin Hamdan Alghamdi

  • Strategic planning specialist
  • Diverse roles in management, training, and business development for various global companies, including IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle
  • Voted most Microsoft Education “Most Valuable Team Member”
  • Has led multiple education and training projects for the MoE under Microsoft Partners in Learning initiative
Maher Ragaa

Maher Ragaa

  • Business, strategic planning, R&D, and company management expert in education and technology
  • Developed and managed research and strategic relationships with international universities and companies, such as IIEE, MIT, Babson, CMU, Microsoft, and Google
  • Microsoft Best Education Project Award recipient, 2014
Amr El Gamal

Amr El Gamal

  • E-learning, performance management systems and behavior styles, and product development and marketing specialist with broad consulting background in the GCC
  • Lead consultant and trainer for Wilson Learning US, and Huthwaite UK
  • Former expert advisor at the Minister of Labor, with Boston Consulting Group
  • Former VP for Doroob
PJ Muller

PJ Muller

  • Museum Exhibit Design Expert
  • Senior Exhibit Designer at the world-famous Museum of Flight in Washington, USA
  • Aviation and Aerospace content expert
  • Broad range of industrial design experience
Farhoud Kafi

Farhoud Kafi

  • Entrepreneurship expert with a variety of experience in curricula preparation, quality control, and public relations
  • Former Managing Director of Babson Global, the most globally prominent university program in the field of entrepreneurship development


With over 40 years of accumulated experience in the fields of education, technology, entrepreneurship, management, psychology, and engineering, the MGD-4bridge team is equipped to evaluate existing challenges to find solutions. Whether a client is seeking assistance with strategic planning, a redesign of training and quality control measures, redesigned curriculum, or a complete study and analysis of an institution’s academic and operational effectiveness, MGD-4bridge is ready to provide guidance in moving forward.

Consulting Areas Of Specialization

Education for Life

Education for Employment



English as a Second Language


  • Change Management and Process Re-engineering Using AMO
  • Programs Implementation and Optimization for Cost-Effective, Scalable Operational Models with Desired Outcomes Achieved in Short Time Frames Using AMO


  • Developing Strategy
  • Planning Strategy
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Operational Planning
  • Monitoring & Learning
  • Testing & Adapting
  • Establishing Strategy Management Office (SMO)


  • Continuous Professional Development for Teachers and Coordinators
  • New Teacher Training
  • Mentoring, Quality Control, and Supervision


  • Localization
  • Arabization
  • Integration with Local Government Regulations and Bylaws
  • Establishment of Cooperation and Coordination with International Bodies for Partnerships, Accreditation, and Certification


  • Analysis, Design, and Project Management for Digital Content
  • Quality Control and Assurance


MGD-4bridge has carried out numerous educational projects within the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, with the largest concentration of projects in Saudi Arabia. The following table highlights some of our work:

JUNE 2017

MGD-4bridge has been contracted by Tatweer Education to carry out in-depth strategic and operational planning for the “National STEM Center”, which has been established by a decree from the Minister of Education as part of the National Transformation Program 2020 and Vision 2030. The National STEM Center is responsible for designing, implementing, and monitoring STEM programming both inside and outside the classroom, across early childhood, primary, secondary, and higher and vocational education education.

In particular, MGD-4bridge’s work on this project will result in the following major outputs:

  • 5 year strategic and operational plan for Kingdom-wide K-12 STEM programming
  • STEM Education Operational model for K-12 STEM Education
  • Mechanisms for increasing motivation and cultural orientation towards STEM education and career paths
  • Mechanisms for engaging the private sector in supporting STEM education
  • STEM programming integration model encompassing all education sectors from pre-kindergarten through tertiary



Managing Director